This 6 hour interactive workshop is designed for Counsellors, Life Coaches, and Health Professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of the Midlife stage and gain tools and strategies to support and empower their clients navigating this confusing time of life.

Through my many years of research, I have pulled together all of the latest and relevant midlife research and translated it into practical, easy to implement solutions for your clients.

Midlife is quite often a misunderstood stage of life. It can be a tricky time for men and women as they begin to experience physical changes in their body, due to menopause and ageing, along with lifestyle changes such as divorce, retirement, caring for ageing parents, bereavement, empty nest, illness etc. This can bring a profound sense of loss, disappointment, and disenchantment, which can trigger a host of mental health issues including depression, lack of confidence and low self esteem.

A certificate for 6 hours CPD will be awarded on completion.

Participants will receive a 67 page Workbook with permission to photocopy exercises for their clients, and access to all the training videos – interviews with 3 men, 3 women, a phycologist and a counsellor, plus motion graphics explaining the cycle of change.

Please note there are a limited number of places available at each workshop, places are offered on first come, first served basis.

This workshop enables participants:

  • Fully explore the subject of CHANGE and TRANSITION in Midlife using a very powerful step-by-step process. 
  • Have a deeper understanding of the emotional challenges encountered at this stage of life through a series of interviews with men and women who share their own midlife stories
  • You will leave with practical tools and strategies that will have you feeling confident in working with your Midlife clients.

I bring my qualifications as a certified Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach, a certified trainer, alongside my extensive learnings of personality and human development.


Comments from Counsellors

“After attending your training, I have loved working with the Midlife Resource you provided. It is so well structured, user friendly and full of relevant information. The exercises in the workbook were fantastic as they helped my clients unravel the issues they were facing. I like that the resource is divided up into a section for men and a section for women, so it makes it easy for me to plan my sessions and tailor them to the needs of each client.” I would highly recommend this workshop and the resource to any professional working with men or women in the Midlife stage.” Susan

“Thank you so much for your generosity today, You gave us amazing resources which I know I will easily use with my clients. Your research is deep and it’s evident you have a working knowledge as a result of your passionate studies. I felt comfortable sharing with you and the other participants on the program. It was fun, emotional, exciting and I’ve learned so much from this training. Thank you. Anne

“Understanding Change and The Cycle Of Change was inspirational. The case studies (real life experiences from real people), provided wonderful insight into the various aspects of our journey through Midlife, from both the male and female perspectives. You provided ample time and space for conversations, reflection and learning to happen. I loved it and would highly recommend this training.” Carmel

“Linda, I wanted to say a big thank you. I have just attended your CPD NAVIGATING MIDLIFE TRAINING and found the whole experience to be enriching. Being in the midlife stage myself, it was great to gain an awareness of the changes I am processing in my life and how to stay informed on my journey. I found your programme to be engaging, informative and to be able to have a laugh made the training very worthwhile. You displayed a professional approach and your friendly demeanour and wealth of knowledge was profound. This course is worthy of 3rd level consideration and I can see where life coach and counsellor alike would benefit from your delivery/facilitation.” Irene

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