I’m a LIFE COACH, TRAINER, CONTENT CREATOR and SPEAKER. I educate, inspire and help individuals embrace CHANGE and NAVIGATE LIFE in a safe, confident and purposeful way, so they can move forward feeling fulfilled and excited for the future. I do this in several ways:

1-1 Coaching

Our values and priorities change as we mature, so it becomes necessary to change and adapt in order to live in alignment with our true selves and purpose. There are times when we find that certain areas of our lives no longer serve us, and we realise we need a change. For some it may require radical lifestyle change, for others it may need only small adjustments. I offer 1-1 Coaching to help you discover the choices that are open to you, enabling you to explore new ideas, and support you in achieving your goals.

Talks and Workshops

I deliver informative Talks and Workshops on a variety of subjects. The talks can be tailor made for any group and can last anything from 1 hour to 2+ hours. Our workshops help you take time to slow down, nurture yourself, have fun, and spend time with other like minded people.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) Training

I provide a variety of interactive workshops designed for Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, and Health Professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and gain tools and strategies to support and empower their clients. I bring my qualifications as a certified Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach, a certified Trainer, alongside my extensive learnings of personality and human development.

Youtube Channel

I provide informative content to challenge and encourage individuals to better understand themselves through video topics such as: Educational series, Interviews with inspirational people, and explorations of the relevant topics affecting our lives today.

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